ByBit Referral Code: 10% trading fee discount + 1010 USD bonus in 2023

Starting with ByBit and are you looking for a ByBit referral code? We got you covered with an exclusive promo code with 10% discount on fees:

The Referral Code is: 2950

Or click here to apply the code.

ByBit Referral Code 2950
Discount / Bonus Total bonus of 1010 USD (variable) + 10% trading fee discount (exclusive)
Duration Whole 2023
Conditions For all customers

ByBit is one of the biggest and most populair derivatives exchanges on the market. They are growing fast and that’s because of their good platform, but also because of their high bonuses. You can now receive a bonus of at least $1010 when registering with ByBit and using a promo code.

Please note that the bonuses change every other 2 weeks, but there’s almost always an interesting bonus available.

So, in short, the ByBit referral code is: 2950. With this code you can get up to 10% discount on all trading fees in 2023 and receive a bonus up to 1010 USD.

ByBit Promo Code

When using the ByBit Promo Code JACKPOT, you can receive a bonus up to 1010 USD. All users will receive a guaranteed 20 USD bonus for every deposit (no minimum).

On top of that you can receive an extra bonus, this is based on your deposit:

  • 0.01 BTC or more = $15 bonus
  • 0.05 BTC or more = $50 bonus
  • 0.1 BTC or more = $100 bonus
  • 0.5 BTC or more = $300 bonus
  • 1.5 BTC or more = $500 bonus

In the year 2023 there will be always a bonus available for new ByBit users.

100 USD Rewards Hub bonus

This bonus is always active and can be used by every user. You can claim your bonus by performing tasks, deposit crypto or do other things. The tasks might change over time.

ByBit rewards hub
ByBit rewards hub

How to apply the ByBit Referral Code?

Applying the ByBit Referral Code is easy, you can use our guide below.

We will explain you step by step how to apply the referral code.

  1. Visit ByBit

    Visit the ByBit website.

  2. Click Sign Up

    Hit the Sign Up Button

  3. Enter your Email or Phone number

    Enter your personal details and choose between email or phone.

  4. Enter Referral Code: 2950

    Enter the referral code: 2950 in the promo code field.

  5. Read the terms and privacy policy

    Carefully read the terms and conditions and only accept it if you agree.

  6. Hit Sign Up

    Click the Sign Up button and your account will be created.

After your account is created and you applied the ByBit referral code successfully, you can immediately claim your bonus.


What is your Referral Code?

You can apply our ByBit Referral Code: 2950 when you're signing up for a new account.

Is there a bonus available?

Yes, we can offer an exclusive trading fee discount of 10% for all our readers when they use our promo code. On top of that every user can claim up to 1010 USD via the Reward Hub by performing small tasks or deposit a certain amount of crypto. If there are additional bonuses we will communicate that.

What are the conditions for the Referral Code?

The only condition is that you can apply it when registering a new account. It's not possible to apply it later.

Why are other websites not mentioning the 10% trading fee discount?

That's because we made a deal with ByBit and this offer is exclusive for certain blogs.