Bitvavo Referral Code: Trade the first 1.000 EUR commission free

Did you install the Bitvavo app and do you want to receive a nice sign up bonus? With our code you can trade up to 1.000 EUR for free.

The Referral Code is: CRYPTOPRIJZEN

Or click here to sign up via the web form.

Bitvavo Referral Code CRYPTOPRIJZEN
Discount / Bonus Trade the first 1.000 EUR for free
Duration Always in 2023
Conditions Valid for the first seven days after registration
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When you’re new to Bitvavo, you can use our Bitvavo Referral code to get a sign up bonus. By using our code, you can trade the first 1.000 EUR free of charge.

Bitvavo is one of the European exchanges with extremely low fees. They combined their brokerage and exchange platform in one environment and this is why they can charge low fees. Normally you will never pay over 0.25% transaction fee of every trade, but with the sign up bonus this is lowered to 0%.

As an user, you can trade over 190 different cryptos on the platform.

Please note that this code only works via the Bitvavo Android and iOS app.

The Bitvavo Referral Code for 2023 is: CRYPTOPRIJZEN. With this affiliatecode you can trade up to 1000 euro for free.

How to apply the Bitvavo Referral Code?

The welcome bonus is only for crypto traders who are invited by someone else. You are free to use our code, but you can also take one from your favorite community.

How to get the welcome bonus:

  1. Download the iOS or Android app.
  2. Install the app.
  3. Open the app.
  4. Click on Register.
  5. Enter your details and click Continue.
  6. Enter your email address.
  7. Enter the Referral code: CRYPTOPRIJZEN
  8. Click Continue.

After your account is created, you can perform the KYC and buy Bitcoin or any other coin.

The welcome bonus is valid for 7 days after your registration and will be paid back in the form of a cashback.

What is the Bitvavo Referral code?

You are free to use our Referral code in the app: CRYPTOPRIJZEN

Do I get a welcome bonus?

Yes, by using our Referral code, you can trade 1.000 EUR for free in 2023

What are the conditions?

You have to use an Referral code and the offer is valid for seven days.