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Learn how to buy Dogecoin cheaply from reliable suppliers. Easily compare Dogecoin prices, so you will never have to pay too much trading fees again.

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Compare Dogecoin and always buy the cheapest DOGE!

Compare Dogecoin PricesCrypto prices are always very volatile given the small market they represent, and the same is true for Dogecoin. For crypto, the difference between the end and the beginning of the day can easily be over 10 percent. In other words, the Dogecoin prices fluctuates throughout the day.

Even if the currency is volatile, you still want to take advantage of the price. That is why it is best to buy Dogecoin at the lowest price and then sell it again at the highest price. That is why you can compare Dogecoin prices with us.

DOGE brokers calculate their buying and selling price based on their costs and prices can therefore differ greatly from each other. It is therefore understandable that Dogecoin brokers end up with a price that is always a tad higher than the current market price. This is because trading costs are included in the price.

Furthermore, you can go to brokers for well-known payment methods such as creditcard, bank transfer, SOFORT and you do not need to have any technical knowledge about the product. They also offer support in different languages, which is quite handy.

If you want to save from the moment of purchase, it is smart to compare Dogecoin prices before every transaction.

Easily compare Dogecoin prices

In the table above you can see the different Dogecoin brokers from Europe, and the real-time price they offer to customers including all fees. This way you can immediately see who offers the cheapest Dogecoin prices.

In the green at the top of the table, you will automatically find the best price (both for buying and selling). The timer also allows you to count down until the price is adjusted again. If you want it even faster, you can just refresh the page.

The providers send us these prices and the system will rank them based on price. So if the provider changes its price, it automatically shifts it in our table.

In the meantime, you also understand that, given the volatility of the overall crypto market, the price of Dogecoin is often different at any time of the day. So even the cheapest price and broker will change all the time.

Suppose you want to buy Dogecoin more often (and of course, never pay too much fees) then it’s a good idea to save our page in your favourites. This way you can be sure that you will never pay too much for your favourite crypto again.

We only compare Dogecoin prices of trusted brokers

The providers you see in our overview are only included if they meet certain conditions. They are companies with a long history in the crypto market, with satisfied customers and guarantee us that every visitor we send to them will receive a professional service.

Furthermore, they offer fair prices, so that you as a customer do not pay any unnecessary costs. They also often offer multiple crypto’s and strongly focus on customer satisfaction. All of these things are very important to us.

It is obvious that there are differences between the many providers, but of course you understand that their end product remains the same.

Varying is, therefore, a good choice, also when it comes to choosing a broker. So comparing Dogecoin can be a good factor for determining from whom you buy.

The best thing is to do some research yourself into the current status of the provider. Thanks to our table, you will find a direct link to the provider behind each price, allowing you to buy and sell easily with a single click.

Please note that some of these brokers ask for registration in advance, while others allow you to buy Dogecoin (or sell) without an account.

Why compare Dogecoin and score the cheapest DOGE?

If you buy Dogecoin at the lowest price, you can get a faster ROI when the prices rise. You can also sell faster because you have bought it cheaper. This is because the crypto market is still small and brokers know that most investors still tend to limit themselves to one broker or one exchange.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that in, but if you do not take advantage of where the cheapest Dogecoin is on offer, you can quickly lose a few euros or dollars when buying or selling. That is simply a shame.

Finally, all registrations with these different brokers are free, so you will lose nothing when you register with all of them. This only takes some time, but after that, you can buy Dogecoin with all the brokers.

Why do Dogecoin prices differ per provider?

Each broker sets his Dogecoin price depending on the costs and margins. Better said, the Dogecoin price they show you is influenced by the following factors:

  • What is the price that the market is offering for Dogecoin at the moment?
  • What fee are you charged? With most brokers, it is variable and varies every moment of the day. On average, you will see that this fee is between 0.25% and 3%.
  • How quickly do they update their prices?
  • What are any additional costs that come on top of the price, such as transaction fees, verification fees or blockchain fees?

If Dogecoin’s price rises or falls very quickly, it may happen that the provider has not yet updated its prices correctly.

The prices you see in the Dogecoin comparison tables include the trading costs (between 0.25% and 3%) charged by the broker. Some companies charge transaction fees separately.

Can I compare Dogecoin and other crypto prices independently on your website?

Our goal is simply to create a website for our visitors that shows the best price of the (well-known) Dogecoin brokers. The brokers automatically send us the buy and sell prices, which is sorted independently by our system. So you understand that even if a broker would ask us for a better ranking, we would not be able to respond. The algorithm of our table decides entirely on its own who is at the top. Thanks to this way of working, we can remain completely independent. We can however alter prices when a broker shows incorrect prices.

Are all DOGE prices displayed correctly?

The prices you see in our table are sent via the API of the brokers. So we show the prices they offer us. It is a fully automated system and therefore we are not responsible or liable for the prices shown in the table.

Should we notice that a broker is manipulating the prices in any way, they will be held liable. In the event of ongoing manipulation, a broker may be banned or we will alter the prices with the correct fees.

What are the payment methods used to buy Dogecoin?

You understand that there are more brokers who also offer Dogecoin and which we do not show. This is because, first of all, we mainly show brokers who accept easy payment methods like creditcard.

We also do a quality check before we allow a broker on the site. We check various checkpoints and then assess whether a broker is reliable or not. This can also be one of the reasons why we do not show a broker (even if another website shows it as a broker of Dogecoin).

For example, if we receive complaints from the crypto community about a particular broker, or if one of them charges extremely high (hidden) fees, we will (after clarification) exclude them from our site. If you know of a broker that you think deserves a place on our site, please let us know.

Is it 100% safe to invest in Dogecoin?

No! Let us be clear about this. Any cryptocurrency investment involves risk. Also, given the enormous volatility, there is a risk of being left behind with serious losses at an incredible speed. Therefore, study the risks and invest only with money you can spare.

Is it smart to get a loan and invest in Dogecoin?

No! Never do this. Never borrow money to invest in crypto. The price of crypto coins such as Dogecoin can drop very quickly.

What is Dogecoin?

As is quite clear from Dogecoin’s logo, this coin once started as a joke. However, given the enormous popularity of the meme to which it refers, the coin has become a very serious player in the crypto market. It is mainly used for fundraising and tipping and is very popular in the community.