Compare Tether (USDT) Interest Rates in 2023

Are you done with low or even negative interest rates from your local bank and do you want to earn interest with your USDT? That’s possible in 2022! With our overview you will not only discover interesting Tether interest rate providers, but you can also calculate your potential profits in USDT and dollar.

Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin which value is (almost always) the same as the US dollar. You can use it to quickly switch from crypto to dollars on an exchange, but you can also earn very high USDT interest with it.

With our interest rate calculator you can see where you can lend your USDT, compare interest rates and you can calculate the estimated profits based on the rates.

Provider Flex. Interest (APY) Interest in USDT* In EUR en USD*
10.00% 10.00 USDT € 8.19 ($10.01) Visit
Up to 16% interest
5.10% 5.10 USDT € 4.18 ($5.10) Review Visit
€10 Free and €10k Free Trading
3.00% 3.00 USDT € 2.46 ($3.00) Review Visit
50 USD staking bonus

Compare Tether interest rates to generate passive income in dollar and euro. Depending on the chosen crypto bank provider, you can receive your interest in USDT or sometimes also in their own currency (for example CEL). The percentage is the interest per year.

*The estimated interest in USDT is calculated based on the average Tether price. Although this is supposed to be 1 dollar, it is slightly different. No rights can be derived from the estimated profits.

How do I calculate Tether interest?

Calculating your USDT interest is easy with our interest calculator. A handy overview is created of all Tether providers with their interest rates and any bonuses.

  • At Amount you can enter how much Tether you plan to lend out.
  • At Period you can specify the duration.
  • After that you can calculate the interest based on the current interest rates and USDT price.

In the summary, an estimate is made for each offer based on the current USDT price and the interest rate. Keep in mind that this percentage is not fixed and can change. Some companies re-evaluate their USDT interest rates on a monthly basis.

How is it possible that you can receive USDT interest?

As you can see, the Tether rates are a lot higher than those of other cryptocurrencies. This is because many borrowers are interested in stablecoins that represent a fiat currency such as the dollar. Due to the higher demand, a provider can ask for higher interest rates.

But how can these companies pay interest on your Tether? That is simple, companies have or use a P2P credit marketplace. USDT borrowers and lenders are brought together on these platforms. Borrowers pay interest to the platform and lenders receive interest. The market is willing to pay a higher interest rate for USDT, which is why the percentages can skyrocket.

The platform charges a small fee for maintaining and offering the credit marketplace. This is why you receive a slightly lower interest than the borrower pays.

What is the risk of lending my Tether?

Lending your USDT is not risk-free and it is therefore not wise to deposit your full portfolio with such companies. After all, it is a company and in theory it can also go bankrupt. Take the following risks into account:

  • The company can go bankrupt or be hacked.
  • Interest rates can fall in value.
  • Investigations are ongoing into the company behind Tether, this may affect the Tether price.
  • You cannot use your invested Tether for other things (it’s locked when you receive interest).
  • Interest rates vary and can therefore fall in the future.

If you still want to lend a significant amount of USDT, you can consider spreading it across multiple platforms. Always do your own research into the current status of the platform you choose.

To be clear, the USDT invested is lent to a third party. The third party pays an interest for this and provides crypto as collateral, in case it cannot repay the loan. The collateral is often cryptocurrency and is also subject to price fluctuations.

USDT Interest FAQ

How much interest will I receive with my Tether (USDT)?

On this page you can compare USDT interest rates from all reliable providers. In addition, you can also calculate your monthly or annual estimated profits based on the current interest rates and the Tether price (always around 1 dollar).

Is it safe to lend your Tether?

In our Tether interest comparison tables we only include companies that have a good reputation. However, it is not risk-free and a company can always go bankrupt or be hacked, for example. So never lend out more USDT than you are willing to lose.

Do I also receive a bonus?

Some companies have an interesting deposit bonus for new customers. If the bonus is interesting enough, we will show this in the overview.