Compare Cardano Interest Rates in 2023

Earning an interesting annual interest with Cardano is very easy these days. On this page you compare Cardano interest rates with reliable crypto banking companies.

You can also calculate how much interest you are expected to receive in ADA, euro and dollar. Perfect to find your new Cardano lending provider!

Provider Flex. Interest (APY) Interest in ADA* In EUR en USD*
6.00% 60.00 ADA € 20.68 ($25.28) Visit
Up to 16% interest
5.00% 50.00 ADA € 17.23 ($21.06) Review Visit
€10 Free and €10k Free Trading
4.50% 45.00 ADA € 15.51 ($18.96) Review Visit
10 EUR free BTC and ETH
1.00% 10.00 ADA € 3.45 ($4.21) Review Visit
50 USD staking bonus

Compare Cardano interest rates to easily generate passive income with ADA without the risks of losing your money with trading. The shown interest rates are annual rates.

*The estimated interest in ADA, euro and US dollars is calculated based on the current Cardano price. It is possible that a provider uses a slightly different market price. The calculations are therefore an indication and give you a good idea of ​​the expected profits. However, no rights can be derived from these estimates.

How do I calculate my Cardano interest?

The ADA interest calculator tool helps you to calculate the expected interest and to choose a suitable service provider.

  • Enter the number of ADA you currently have at Amount.
  • Select a Period for how long you want to invest your ADA.
  • Click on Calculate Interest and check out the expected profits.

The Cardano interest overview shows an estimation of the expected profits. Please note that this is only an indication. The price per ADA can change, but the providers can also adjust their Cardano interest rates.

How is it possible that I receive interest with my Cardano?

Cardano has a network, where Cardano staking is possible. You simply hold ADA in your wallet and receive a reward for strengthening the network. The average staking rewards for the official network is about 6%. You can clearly see that the above parties do not give that.

There are several options for how the above parties make interest on your Cardano possible. The first option is that they create a large staking pool of all their users’ ADA. They take over the entire technical process and ask for an annual fee (that’s why you receive a slightly lower interest). The advantage of this is that you do not have to figure out how to stake and with their solution this is often done with 1 click.

Another possibility is that a crypto bank lends your ADA and charges an interest for it. A part of the charged interest is subsequently paid to the lender.

What is the risk of lending my Cardano?

Obviously there are risks with lending Cardano and receiving interest on it. After all, you hand over your ADA to an unknown party (unknown to you).

So keep the following risks in mind:

  • The crypto company can go bankrupt and no longer be able to pay off its debts.
  • A hack could take place into your account or the whole company.
  • ADA can decline in value.
  • Interest rates can fall.
  • You can’t use your ADA to trade.

It also depends on which method the company uses. If a staking pool is used, the risks are less high. But when your ADA is loaned out to a third party, a collateral problem may arise.

Earning interest with ADA is certainly not risk-free and keep that in mind. So do not lend all your Cardano and only a part that you are willing to lose. Let’s say 25% to 30% of your portfolio. If you want to lend more, you can spread the risk by using multiple parties.

Cardano Interest FAQ

How much interest do I receive on with Cardano?

On this page you can compare Cardano interest rates with all reliable providers. In addition, you can also calculate your monthly or annual estimated profits based on the current interest rate and the current ADA price.

Is it safe to lend your Cardano?

In our Cardano interest comparison tables, we only include companies that have a good reputation. However, it is not risk-free and a company can always go bankrupt or be hacked, for example. So never lend out more ADA than you are willing to lose.

Do I also receive a bonus?

Some companies have an interesting deposit bonus for new customers. If the bonus is interesting enough, we will mention this bonus.