Binance Futures Referral ID: 10% fee discount + 10% BNB discount (2024)

Are you new to Binance Futures and do you want a 10% discount on all Futures trades for 1 month (30 days)? Check out our ID:

The Futures Referral ID in 2024 is: 39187829

Or click here to automatically apply the Futures ID.

Please keep in mind that trading futures is very risky, should only be used by experienced traders and is not available in all countries.

Binance Futures Referral Code 39187829
Discount / Bonus 10% discount on Futures trading fees
BNB Discount Yes, can be combined with the 10% BNB discount
Duration Active for 30 days
Conditions Only for new Futures users. Valid in 2024

Binance Futures is a separate platform of the Binance exchange which allows you to trade over 90 contracts with a leverage up to 125x. Futures trading is only for experiences traders who want to trade with contracts without expiry dates.

With our Binance Futures Referral ID you can get an additional 10% discount on all trading fees for 30 days. This discount can be combined with the Binance Coin discount of 10%.

We share the highest commission possible with our readers, there’s no higher discount code. Please note that the Futures option is disabled in some countries, Binance is very strict complying this and a VPN won’t work.

So, the Binance Futures Referral ID is in 2024: 39187829. With this ID you will receive a 10% discount on the Futures trading fees and can be combined with the BNB discount.

Futures fee example calculation

There a three different ways to get a discount with futures trading:

  1. Use a Binance Futures Referral ID.
  2. Hold Binance Coin (BNB).
  3. Get a higher VIP level.

In this fee discount example we assume you’re VIP level 0 (you have to trade at least 250 BTC in 30 days and hold 50 BNB to get a higher VIP level).

The VIP level 0 trading fees are 0.02% for market makers, but when you hold BNB this will be reduced to 0.018%.

So, if you trade 1,000 USDT the fee would normally be $0,20, but if you hold BNB, you only pay $0,18.

By using our Futures Referral ID you get an additional 10% discount, but you will get this after your trade as a cashback. That’s a cashback of $0,018, which makes the total paid fee: $0,162

I know, this doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but please remember that most Futures traders have a really big trading volume.

How to apply the Binance Futures Referral ID?

How to apply the Binance Futures Referral ID?

Only users new to Futures trading can use our Referral ID. You can have a Binance account, but the Futures section should be locked. Binance asks for a Futures ID when your Futures environment is still locked.

  1. Go to the Binance Futures registration page.
  2. Enter your Email or Mobile number.
  3. Enter a strong password.
  4. Look for the Futures Referral ID field and enter: deduct10percent
  5. Make sure you see this message: Enjoy 10% commission discount for the first month.
  6. Read the Terms of Service.
  7. Hit Create Account.

After applying the referral code, you can trade for 30 days with a discount.

What is the Binance Futures Referral ID for 2024?

The Binance Futures Referral ID for 2024 is “39187829”.

Do I get a bonus with your Binance Futures Referral ID?

Yes, we give the highest discount of 10% on all Futures trades for 30 days in 2024.

What is the total Futures discount?

You can combine our 10% discount Referral ID with the 10% Binance Coin (BNB) discount. On top of that you can trade more to get a higher VIP level.

Is there a higher discount possible?

No, this is the highest discount possible with Binance. Ask their support to verify.

Can this discount be combined with other discounts?

Yes, it can be combined with the 10% BNB discount.

Who is eligible to use this Referral ID?

It’s available only for new Futures users on Binance. The discount is active for 30 days after applying the Referral ID.

How do I apply the Binance Futures Referral ID?

Go to the Binance Futures registration page.
Enter your Email or Mobile number.
Create a strong password.
In the Futures Referral ID field, enter “deduct10percent”.
Ensure you see the message: “Enjoy 10% commission discount for the first month”.
Read and agree to the Terms of Service.
Click “Create Account”.

What is Binance Futures?

Binance Futures is a platform allowing trading in over 90 contracts with leverage up to 125x. It’s designed for experienced traders to trade contracts without expiry dates.

What should I be aware of when trading Futures?

Futures trading is risky and should only be done by experienced traders. It’s not available in all countries, and Binance strictly complies with these restrictions.

How is the Futures fee calculated with this discount?

As an example, at VIP level 0, the trading fee is 0.02%. Holding BNB reduces it to 0.018%. With a 1,000 USDT trade, the fee is $0.18. The Referral ID adds a 10% cashback, making the total fee $0.162.