Compare Bitcoin Interest Rates in 2023

Discover how you can earn interest with your Bitcoin. With our overview you can compare Bitcoin interest with all reliable crypto banking companies.

Also use the interest calculator to calculate an estimate in BTC, euro and dollar based on the current Bitcoin price and all the provided interest rates.

Provider Flex. Interest (APY) Interest in BTC* In EUR en USD*
6.00% 0.06 BTC € 3,214.97 ($3,929.34) Visit
Up to 16% interest
0.51% 0.005100000 BTC € 273.27 ($333.99) Review Visit
€10 Free and €10k Free Trading
0.25% 0.002500000 BTC € 133.96 ($163.72) Review Visit
50 USD staking bonus
0.23% 0.002300000 BTC € 123.24 ($150.62) Review Visit
10 EUR free BTC and ETH

Compare Bitcoin interest rates with the above companies to generate a passive income. Looks a lot better than the interest at your current bank right?

*We show the estimated interest in BTC, euro en dollar based on the current Bitcoin price. It is possible that the provider uses a different market price (we use the average of all exchanges) or has changed the interest rates. No rights can therefore be derived from these estimates.

How does the Bitcoin interest rate comparer work?

On this page you can easily compare Bitcoin interest rates and also calculate your estimated earnings. It works very simple:

  • At Amount you enter the number of Bitcoin.
  • At Period you select how long you plan to receive interest.
  • Click on Calculate Interest and our calculator will automatically calculate the estimated profits.

The Bitcoin interest table shows the estimated interest in BTC and its value in dollar and euro at the current Bitcoin price. Keep in mind that this is only an estimate. The BTC price can change, but so can the interest rate!

How is it possible to receive interest with my Bitcoin?

The companies shown can explain exactly how they can pay interest on your Bitcoin. No scammy trading bot constructions or something like that.

Companies like Nexo have developed a Bitcoin credit P2P marketplace. They bring BTC borrowers and lenders together. If you want to borrow Bitcoin, you pay a percentage and this is paid to the Bitcoin lenders. Not everything, of course, because these platforms take a part of the profit in order to survive.

Because the market is constantly changing and the Bitcoin interest rates depend on the market, the BTC interest rates vary continuously. That is why comparing Bitcoin interest rates is always a smart thing to do.

Other platforms, such as Bitvavo and Binance, use such P2P marketplaces. Although they call it Bitcoin staking, it is obviously lending your BTC. Because they have a lot of customers as an exchange and can therefore lend large quantities of Bitcon, and enforce very favorable percentages.

What is the risk of lending my Bitcoin?

Does it look too good to be true? We can imagine that. These types of platforms are especially interesting for people who do not want to take risks with Bitcoin trading, but instead want to generate passive income (almost) risk-free.

Are there no risks associated with this? Certainly not, you always have to be careful with which company you work with.

Consider the following risks:

  • The company can go bankrupt.
  • The company can be hacked.
  • Bitcoin can crash in value.
  • Interest rates can also fall.
  • What if there are no more Bitcoin borrowers?

In addition, you lend your Bitcoin and they also lend it out again. Although the party to whom you lend it in fact pays a collateral, it can always happen that they are unable to pay off their loan. Or that the value of the collateral decreases in value.

If such a party cannot repay the loan, the collateral is sold at an early stage. Should the value of the collateral be insufficient, then more collateral is requested. If this is not met, the collateral is also sold. This is an automated process and in theory something could go wrong here.

As you can see, there are risks involved in receiving Bitcoin interest. Therefore, only lend Bitcoin that can miss. If you still want to take a greater risk, spread your Bitcoin across multiple companies.

Bitcoin Interest FAQ

How much interest do I receive with my Bitcoin?

On this page you can easily compare Bitcoin interest rates of all reliable providers. In addition, you can also calculate your monthly or annual estimated profits based on the current interest and the current Bitcoin price.

Is it safe to lend your Bitcoin?

In our Bitcoin interest comparison tables, we only include companies that have a good reputation. However, it is not risk-free and a company can always go bankrupt or be hacked, for example. Never lend out more BTC than you can afford to lose.

Do I also receive a Bitcoin bonus?

Sure! Some companies offer you an interesting Bitcoin bonus. You can check it out below every button.