BTC Direct Review

When you are a beginner in the crypto world, it’s always nice to get some help along the way. You probably already know that you can buy cryptocurrency from a broker, but finding the right broker for you can be quite tricky. The Dutch broker BTC Direct makes investing in cryptocurrency possible for everyone by offering good support. For example, as one of the few brokers active on YouTube, they have a lot of instruction videos and a own news platform. Find out everything about this broker in our BTC Direct review.

First impression of BTC Direct

BTC Direct ReviewEvery broker wants to make cryptocurrency as accessible as possible for everyone. They all try to achieve this in their own way. For example, Coinmerce’s app, which makes investing in cryptocurrency possible anywhere and anytime.

BTC Direct ensures that cryptocurrency becomes more accessible for everyone through a clear site that is easy to use. They also offer good service via chat and telephone. As mentioned in the introduction you might have seen the videos of BTC Direct. They upload new videos every week about the current prices and other crypto related subjects.

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€20 Free Crypto + €10.000 Free Trading at Bitvavo

You can trade up to 10.000 EUR commission free with Bitvavo + €20 free crypto. This deal is active 7 days after registration.
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BTC Direct operates in Europe for quite a few years and is one of the first crypto brokers. The company is based in The Netherlands and has already proven to be a safe broker. They are even registered with the Dutch Central bank. Thanks to its extensive experience, this company is one of the largest brokers in Europe. They purchase various cryptocurrencies on international exchanges. These are then offered for sale to the customers of BTC Direct. This is how it works with most brokers of course.

BTC Direct completely renewed the platform in 2021. This resulted in that you cannot withdraw crypto from the platform or receive any staking rewards. But the platform is now easier to use.

BTC Direct platform

With the new platform, BTC Direct now also offers wallets for all coins. With many brokers such as Bitvavo and Bitladon it is possible to send your crypto and receive staking rewards.

Do you want to do nothing with your crypto and just hold it? Then BTC Direct may be right for you. If you want more with your crypto, it is better to choose another platform.


Offer50+ coins.
FeesUp to 3% + additional payment costs (compare Bitcoin prices live)
Payment methodsBank transfer, Mastercard, VISA, iDEAL, Bancontact, GiroPay, SOFORT and EPS.
Built-in walletsYes.
AccountYes, mandatory.
Customer serviceDuring office hours.
Telephone number+31 024 7000 700

BTC Direct Pros and Cons

Big brand name.High fees.
A lot of information, like videos and news.  You cannot withdraw any crypto.
Lot of commercials. No staking rewards.
Many positive BTC Direct reviews. You pay for the commercials.

BTC Direct alternative

Buying and selling cryptocurrency from BTC Direct can be more expensive and there’s a fee of 3% on some transactions. A good BTC Direct alternative is the Bitvavo broker. Here you pay a maximum of 0.25% fee, get built-in wallets and they offer more than 3 times as many coins. As a welcome bonus, you can now trade € 1,000 free of charge.

€20 Free Crypto + €10.000 Free Trading at Bitvavo

€20 Free Crypto + €10.000 Free Trading at Bitvavo

You can trade up to 10.000 EUR commission free with Bitvavo + €20 free crypto. This deal is active 7 days after registration.
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Limited Offer

Fee calculation example: you buy € 100 of Ripple from both parties. You will receive € 96.01 of XRP from BTC Direct (also payment costs) and you have to create your own wallet. At Bitvavo you will receive € 99.75 worth of XRP tokens in your own Bitvavo Ripple wallet. With the welcome bonus, you’ll even receive the full € 100!

BTC Direct offer

The offer has grown considerably with the renewal of the platform. BTC Direct currently offers about 50 different cryptos that you can easily buy and sell with most common payment methods.

BTC Direct’s vision has always been that you should be in control of your own private keys and they only wanted to list well-known projects on the platform. This has completely changed in 2021, probably because platforms like Bitvavo and Bitladon overtook them in terms of trading volume.

Now BTC Direct also offers all popular coins for a fee of 1% for every purchase and 1% for every sale. All purchases must be sold on the same platform, as you cannot withdraw crypto. In this BTC Direct review we go deeper into the platform.

€20 Free Crypto + €10.000 Free Trading at Bitvavo

€20 Free Crypto + €10.000 Free Trading at Bitvavo

You can trade up to 10.000 EUR commission free with Bitvavo + €20 free crypto. This deal is active 7 days after registration.
Activate Bonus
Limited Offer

Buy crypto using BTC Direct

BTC Direct purchase widgetBefore you start buying cryptocurrency from BTC Direct you have to create a wallet. In a wallet, you can store and manage your cryptocurrency. After you have created a wallet, you can start buying cryptocurrency. This means that you need a wallet before you can get started. If comparing Bitcoin shows that this company is the cheapest, you can easily create a wallet at Bitvavo.

Buying cryptocurrency is therefore slightly different from other brokers, because you first need to create a wallet. Nevertheless, the process of buying a crypto is about the same. As with other brokers, you first need an account. All you have to do is fill in the address of your wallet.

It is therefore not necessary to deposit credit into your account before you can buy cryptocurrency. You simply indicate how much Bitcoin you want to buy and then you can pay with the desired payment method. You can pay with: Bank transfer, Mastercard, VISA, iDEAL, Bancontact, GiroPay, SOFORT and EPS.

After your transaction your Bitcoin will appear in your wallet and you are the owner of a cryptocurrency. BTC Direct aims to deposit the cryptocurrency in your wallet within 2 minutes after your purchase. If this is not possible you will always be informed via e-mail. When it’s busy, please take into account a longer delivery time. This is the case for all transactions.

How to sell crypto?

If you are going to sell cryptocurrency via BTC Direct, you will of course also do so from your own wallet. Because you don’t have a wallet, it can be interesting for people to buy their cryptocurrency from one broker and then sell it through another broker like BTC Direct. This is no problem at all. To sell cryptocurrency you do of course need an account, just like when you buy.

On the website of BTC Direct, you can sell cryptocurrency by simply clicking on Sell. You then indicate how much of your cryptocurrency you want to sell. The amount will be transferred via SEPA bank transfer, making it mandatory to fill in your bank account details. You will then receive an unique recipient address to which you must transfer the cryptocurrency within 30 minutes. You can transfer the cryptocurrency from your wallet. If you don’t have any experience with this, we advise you to watch the instruction videos of BTC Direct.

When BTC Direct has received your cryptocurrency, they will transfer the money to your account before noon the next working day. You will also always receive an e-mail with more information about your sale.

Verifications and limits

The process of creating an account is simple and self-explanatory. During this process you are required to verify your email address and phone number. Fortunately, this goes quickly so that you can easily go through all the steps. During the process you are not required to perform an ID verification. This is only necessary starting from 250 euros.

After that, an ID verification is required.

BTC Direct limits

The daily limit for a new account is € 2500. You are allowed to sell cryptocurrency for € 10,000. To adjust this limit, you can choose from two higher levels. You start at the Hero level, but when you upgrade to the next level Satoshi, you can trade € 10,000 per day. However, you will need to send recent proof of your home address. The highest level is Trader, at the highest level you can buy and sell up to €25,000 per day. To reach the highest level you will need to complete a special survey and a Skype conversation will take place.

BTC Direct fees and other costs

The smart thing about the platform is that you cannot withdraw your crypto, so you always have to sell your crypto via the platform. So you pay 1% for a purchase and 1% for a sell order.

However, we paid a whopping 2.5% on our VeChain purchase. This means that a spread of about 1.5% is also calculated on top of the price. Check out the live BTC price on our Compare Bitcoin page.

To use easy payment methods they will charge an extra fee on top of the service fee. The fees are stated on the order form, but we can’t see that. We also didn’t receive a response on our question. Since there’s a verification needed and we switched platforms, we can’t look into the current fees. A bank transfer fee is € 0,50.

Is BTC Direct safe?

Because BTC Direct is already a well-known player in the cryptocurrency market, it is certainly a safe broker. The company has built a very good reputation since 2013 and has many regular clients.

However, since 2021, BTC Direct has changed the platform, with a lot of limitations on the platform. Easy for the beginner (read: non-digital people), inconvenient for a more serious crypto investor. You cannot withdraw crypto or stake your crypto via the platform. This is quite a loss. In addition, the transaction costs of 1% are quite high.

For more serious cryptocurrency investors, it may be more convenient to start with a broker like Bitvavo or Bitladon. Here you get more features than with BTC Direct.

BTC Direct is 100% safe and is for many the number 1 broker for cryptocurrency. They are even registered with the Dutch Central Bank.

If you want to invest in a large cryptocurrency, BTC Direct is a good choice. One of the better points according to the company is the speed of delivery. After all verifications, you will receive your coins in an external wallet within 2 minutes. Besides that, the BTC Direct reviews are very good with a score of 4.6/5 with more than 7000 reviews.

What are the BTC Direct fees and costs?

BTC Direct is a fairly expensive broker. There is a standard 2% trading fee for buying Bitcoin and for selling 1%. They charge for all other currencies a fee of 3% to buy and 2% to sell.

Which payment methods do they support?

You can pay with iDEAL (€ 0.99), credit card (2%), Bancontact (2%), Bank Transfer (€ 0,50), GiroPay, SOFORT and EPS.

Does BTC Direct also offer a wallet?

No, you have to arrange wallet software yourself. The vision of BTC Direct is that you should be the owner of your own private keys.

What is the minimum investment on BTC Direct?

You can invest as little as € 30 in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash.