KuCoin Referral Code: 20% Trading Fee Discount (lifetime)

Are you new to the KuCoin exchange and do you want to have a promotional offer when registering a new account? Our use this KuCoin referral code and receive a 20% discount on all trading fees.

The KuCoin Referral Code is: QBSSSP6M

Or click here to apply the promotion.

KuCoin Referral Code QBSSSP6M
Discount / Bonus 20% trading fee discount for new users
Duration Lifetime
Conditions Only for new users (or create a new account)

KuCoin is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world and they are the main competitor of Binance. Currently they offer almost 200 different cryptos and it’s the go-to exchange for smaller projects. Services you can expect of this exchange are spot trading, Futures trading, staking, fiat ramp-ons and peer-to-peer trading.

You can combine our promotion with the KuCoin Shares (KCS) promotion to get an additional discount. The exchange will also distribute a part of their profits if you hold their native KCS-coin.

So, the KuCoin referral code in 2023 is: QBSSSP6M. Use this code to a lifetime 20% discount on all KuCoin trading fees.

How is it possible to give a 20% KuCoin trading fee discount?

As a KuCoin partner we are allowed to share our own commission with our readers. The maximum commission we are allowed to share is 20%. So, we can give you a referral code with a discount of 20%!

How to apply the KuCoin Referral Code?

You can only use the referral code of KuCoin when you register a new account. It’s not possible to apply it after registration, so you also won’t get the 10% discount promotion, if you already have an account.

Apply KuCoin Referral Code
Apply KuCoin Referral Code
  1. Visit KuCoin.com.
  2. Choose your preferred registration method.
  3. Enter your details.
  4. Enter the KuCoin Referral Code: QBSSSP6M
  5. Accept the Terms of Use.
  6. Click Sign Up
What is your referral code?

You can use the code: QBSSSP6M
With this code you will get a random 5 USDT airdrop. It’s only applicable for new accounts in 2023.

Is there a bonus?

Yes! You will get a 20% discount on trading fees if your use the KuCoin referral code. There’s also a 5 USDT airdrop.

Is 20% the highest discount?

Yes, we give the highest discount which is available on the platform. If we can share a bigger discount in the future, we will do that.