MEXC Referral Code: 10% Discount On Trading Fees

Are you new on the MEXC exchange and are you looking for a MEXC Referral Code with extra perks? We got you! With our referral code you will receive an extra discount of 10% on the trading fees (lifetime) and on top of that you can receive extra USDT bonuses.

The Referral Code is: mexc-10DISCOUNT

Or click here to automatically apply the discount code.

MEXC Referral Code mexc-10DISCOUNT
Discount / Bonus 10% trading fee discount (lifetime) + 1000 USDT claimable bonus
Duration Whole 2023
Conditions For all new customers
MEXC Referral Code
MEXC Referral Code

MEXC Global Ltd. is a derivatives and spot exchange for cryptocurrency. According to their website they developed a high performance tansaction matching technology, which is capable of 1.4 million transactions per second. MEXC currently has over 10 million active users who make sure that there is enough liquidity and a very low spread. MEXC is one of the up coming exchanges and is currently ranking higher than KuCoin (based on the daily derivatives volume).

By using a MEXC Referral Code you can enjoy an extra 10% discount on all trading fees, but please not that this is only available for new users. If you already have an account, you can’t receive this bonus. The 1000 USDT bonus is for new and existing users. These bonuses change often.

The MEXC Referral Code in 2024 for 10% discount on trading fees and 1000 USDT bonus is: mexc-10DISCOUNT.

How does the 10% MEXC Discount works?

MEXC offers an partner program where people can earn commission for attracting new customers. As a partner you can choose to keep all the commission to yourself, or share this with your clients. We chose the last. We share 10% of the commission with our clients which results in a 10% discount on all trading fees.

Basically, you will get 10% of the commission back into your account after every trade. This amount will be automatically credited to your account in the crypto you paid the fees.

One of the platform’s main selling points is its competitive fee structure. MEXC claims to offer the lowest rates in the market, which can be a significant advantage for traders who are looking to maximize their profits. Additionally, by using a MEXC referral code, you can receive a 10% discount on trading fees.

How to apply the MEXC Referral Code?

It’s easy to apply the referral code. You only have to make sure that you’re registering a new and fresh account.

Time needed: 2 minutes

We will explain you step by step how to apply the referral code.

  1. Visit MEXC

    Visit the MEXC Global website.

  2. Click Sign up

    Hit the Sign up Button (top right)

  3. Enter your Email or Phone number

    Enter your personal details and choose between email or phone.

  4. Send the verification code to your preferred device

    Click Send now to verify your device

  5. Enter Referral Code: mexc-10DISCOUNT

    Enter the referral code: mexc-10DISCOUNT in the referral code field.

  6. Read the terms and privacy policy

    Carefully read the terms and conditions and only accept it if you agree.

  7. Hit Sign up

    Click the Sign Up button and you can get the 1000 USDT bonus.

After you hit Sign up, you account is created and verified. You can immediately start trading on this exchange.

Overview best MEXC referral codes 2023

Overview of all MEXC referral codes we could find on the internet. They all have different bonuses.

DiscountReferral code
10% trading fee discount + claim up to 1000 USDTmexc-10DISCOUNT
10% trading fee discountmexc-10OFF
10% trading fee discount + 10% MX Token fee discountmexc-20OFF
Claim up to 1000 USDTmexc-1000USD
Overview MEXC referral codes

What is MEXC?

MEXC is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that aims to provide a comprehensive trading experience for its users. According to the limited information available, the platform boasts several key features that make it a competitive choice for crypto trading.

They offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies for trading, allowing users to diversify their portfolios. This extensive selection positions the platform as a top-tier exchange in terms of the quantity of crypto listed.

MEXC offers various trading products to meet the different needs of its user base. These include:

  • Futures: The platform claims to have the number one liquidity and zero maker fees for futures trading (risky).
  • Spot Trading: MEXC offers spot trading with a fast crypto listing process, allowing users to trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

The platform aims to turn its users into professional traders by offering a range of powerful features, high execution speed, and low fees. It serves as a one-stop services platform for all trading needs. In addition to its web-based platform, MEXC offers an app that allows users to buy and trade their favorite tokens effortlessly, anytime and anywhere.

What is the referral code?

The MEXC referral code in 2024 is: mexc-10DISCOUNT. You can use this code when signing up for a new account.

Do you get a bonus with the referral?

Yes, when using a referral code you receive a 10% discount on all trading fees. On top of that there’s a 1000 USDT bonus (for new and existing users).

What are the conditions for the Referral Code?

You can only apply the referral code when registering a new account. Existing users cannot use this code.

What is MEXC?

MEXC aims to be a comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly crypto exchange for cryptocurrency trading. Its competitive fees, high liquidity, and diverse product offerings make it a strong choice for both novice and experienced traders. With the added benefit of a MEXC referral code, users can enjoy even more cost-effective trading.

How does the 10% discount on MEXC work?

When you use the referral code, 10% of the commission from your trades is credited back to your account. This amount is automatically added to your account in the cryptocurrency used to pay the fees.

How do I apply the MEXC referral code?

To apply the code, visit the MEXC Global website, sign up with your email or phone number, verify your device, and enter the referral code mexc-10DISCOUNT in the designated field. After accepting the terms and privacy policy, complete the sign-up process to start trading and claim your bonuses.

What are the key features of MEXC?

MEXC boasts high-performance transaction matching technology, capable of 1.4 million transactions per second. It has over 6 million active users, ensuring liquidity and low spread. The platform is known for its competitive fee structure and claims to offer the lowest rates in the market.

Are there any other MEXC referral codes available?

Yes, there are various referral codes available, each offering different bonuses. Some of these include:
10% trading fee discount: mexc-10OFF
10% trading fee discount + 10% MX Token fee discount: mexc-20OFF
Claim up to 1000 USDT: mexc-1000USD

Is MEXC a reliable platform for trading?

MEXC is considered a reliable platform, with a large user base and registration with relevant financial authorities. However, as with any trading platform, it’s important to do your research and understand the risks involved in cryptocurrency trading.