Bitladon Review

Bitladon is an European broker based in The Netherlands and has been active since August 2017. The company is therefore still a relatively new player on the cryptocurrency market, but has built a great reputation since they started. Over 200 different coins are offered on the site and this is one of the largest offers in Europe. So, you can invest in the well-known Bitcoin, but you can also choose smaller coins with potential such as Enjin and Chainlink.

Because of the large offer and good support; Bitladon is for many people the perfect place to start investing in cryptocurrency. So you can imagine that they are growing very fast because they offer an accessible start in a rather complex world of cryptocurrency. In this Bitladon review, we dive deeper into all the information available from this broker.

The first impression of Bitladon

Bitladon is a Dutch broker, but has the ambition to grow in Europe. Therefore they offer an unique website for Dutch, French, Spanish and Polish citizens. For all other countries you can visit the English part of the website. Thinking big is one of the USPs of this platform and that can be the reason why they grow so hard.

You can reach the customer service every business day until 17:00 via telephone (+31 85 007 6000), until 21:00 by email ( or chat. When it comes to the support of Bitladon, they are certainly the right choice. We’ve put it to the test and asked the support team a random question. Within an hour, we had the answer to our question.

Bitladon is officially registered with the Dutch Central bank. You have to comply with a lot of rules to get such a registration and the rules are stricter than in other regions of Europe.

Up to 1.25% trading fee discount with Bitladon

Up to 1.25% trading fee discount with Bitladon

Invest in 200 different cryptocurrency with Bitladon and get a trading fee discount up to 1.25%
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Limited Offer

Bitladon Platform

The website also contains many tutorials to get started with crypto. Finding your way around can be tricky, but Bitladon helps you get started with dedicated tutorials for creating an account, buying coins, selling coins, and much more.

Because the platform offers a good service and users also get a wallet, the impression of the company is very good. Offering good information to the customer plus the excellent service makes you feel welcome on the site. The Bitladon reviews on Trustpilot are rated 4.3/5 with over 1000 reviews. You often see negative reviews on Trustpilot (check the Binance reviews), because people don’t understand what they’re doing. This is not the case with Bitladon.

The website is also very user friendly and amounts are shown in euros. The website is set up in such a way that everything is intuitive and it is almost immediately clear how everything works.


Offer200+ coins.
Fees~1.00% (compare Bitcoin prices)
Payment methodsiDEAL, Bancontact, SEPA Bank Transfer, GiroPay, SOFORT and EPS.
Built-in walletsYes, for all coins.
StakingYes, receive up to 5.50% interest on crypto’s and stablecoins.
DealsYes, based on the trading volume you can get up to 0.90% discount on trading costs.
AccountYes, mandatory.
Customer serviceDuring office hours (but we sometimes get an answer in the evening)
Telephone number+31 085 007 6000

Bitcoin Meester Pros and Cons

 Largest offer of Europe Relatively high fees (max. 1.75%)
 Trade for discounts No stop-loss
 Reachable by phone Additional transaction costs
5.50% interest on cryptos 

Bitcoin Meester alternative

Did you know that for every transaction you pay trading fees / service fees to the broker? At Bitladon, the trading costs are around 1.75% (the more you trade, the cheaper it gets). Bitvavo is a cheaper available where you only pay a 0.25% trading fee. Here you can also easily pay with the same payment methods and now you can even trade the first € 1,000 commission free.

€20 Free Crypto + €10.000 Free Trading at Bitvavo

€20 Free Crypto + €10.000 Free Trading at Bitvavo

You can trade up to 10.000 EUR commission free with Bitvavo + €20 free crypto. This deal is active 7 days after registration.
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Fee calculation example: You buy Bitcoin for € 100 from both brokers. With Bitladon, you will receive € 98,25 of BTC and with Bitvavo you receive € 99.75 of BTC. Imagine how much more you can save with a bigger investment. With the special welcome bonus, you’ll even receive the full € 100. Check out our Bitvavo review here.

Bitladon offer

When you take a look at Bitladon’s website, their insane large offer is one of the first things that stand out. While some brokers limit themselves to the more familiar and safer cryptocurrency, has Bitladon a huge offer. You can choose from over 200 different cryptocurrencies that you can purchase with just a few simple clicks. If you are looking for a slightly lesser-known project you can check out Bitladon. They obviously also offer the big projects like Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. But if you want to know if this broker is the cheapest at this you can compare Bitcoin, Ripple or Ethereum.

They will let you know when new coins are added via the newsletter, their Twitter account, and on the website. This has been the case every week for the past few months, and they will most likely continue to do so. However, the offer is so large that we cannot display all cryptocurrencies here. If you want to see them all, take a look at the website:

Over 200 coins available on Bitladon

How to invest in crypto with Bitladon?

When you start buying cryptocurrency with Bitladon, you will of course first need to create an account on the website. This is very simple:

  1. Visit the Bitladon website.
  2. Click on Create an account.
  3. Indicate if you are a private person or if are a business.
  4. Enter your details and enter a strong password.
  5. Read the terms and conditions carefully and accept it if you agree.
  6. Click Create an account.

However, if you run into problems, Bitladon has a good guide on the website that explains you what to do. Of course, you can also contact customer support.

After filling in all the details you will receive a confirmation e-mail. After clicking on this link you can immediately get started. However, Bitladon recommends that you activate a second security system. After logging in for the first time, you will see a message at the top of your dashboard advising you to use the Google Authenticator to secure your account. You will receive an unique six-digit code on your smartphone, which requires two steps to get into your account. This provides extra security. We advise everyone to enable two-factor authentication.

With the introduction of the new European crypto law, all European crypto companies must comply with strict requirements. One of these requirements is to verify the users, just as with other financial institutions. If you want to convert euros to crypto or vice versa, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to avoid this.

Cryptocurrency can be purchased from this broker with a few simple clicks. Of course, you do have to deposit credit in your account. With Bitladon you can do this easily with the supported methods. The amount you deposited will be directly visible in your account, so you can buy cryptocurrency instantly.

Up to 1.25% trading fee discount with Bitladon

Up to 1.25% trading fee discount with Bitladon

Invest in 200 different cryptocurrency with Bitladon and get a trading fee discount up to 1.25%
Activate Bonus
Limited Offer

How to sell crypto?

Selling cryptocurrency with Bitladon is as easy as buying. With just a few clicks, the cryptocurrency will be converted into euros that will end up in your wallet. When you choose to do a payout, the money is transferred to your bank account the same day using IBAN Bank Transfer. Of course, it can differ per bank when the money is in your account, but from Bitladon’s point of view, there will hardly be any delay.

With this company, it is also possible to exchange coins for coins. So you can exchange a cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency. If you want to invest in another currency, you don’t have to payout the money first and then invest it again. This is a unique addition to the platform and is not even possible with most trading platforms. The advantage of this is that you only once pay trading costs, instead of twice.

Verifications and limits

Bitladon has no limit when it comes to the maximum amount you can buy or sell. However, there is a minimum amount of € 9 for each coin.

The new crypto law requires Dutch/European crypto companies to perform a full verification. This is to prevent money laundering, among other things. With Bitladon, it is mandatory to perform an identity verification, residence verification and mobile phone number verification. Also, you have to send a selfie with your passport in your hand. Crypto companies are seen as a financial institution, so you cannot avoid this verification. Bitladon is officially registered with the Dutch Central bank.

Your bank account is automatically verified by making a payment.

When you passed all the verifications, the weekly limit is € 100 000. If this is insufficient, you can contact the helpdesk to raise the limits.

Fees and costs

Bitladon VIP levelsDon’t forget that when buying and selling cryptocurrency you have to deal with trading fees. You pay around 1.00% trading fee to Bitladon for each transaction. Actual trading fees vary depending on the currency and even when the trade is placed. Here you can compare Bitcoin to see the cheapest broker at the moment. The broker at the top of the list has the lowest trading fees for 1 BTC.

With Bitladon you are rewarded for trading more, you can receive interesting discounts with higher trading volumes. For example, the fee can drop to 0.10%, but you have to trade over 1 million euros in 30 days. On a large investment, this discount can save a considerable amount of money. You can earn this discount by trading on the platform and raising your volume. The more you trade, the higher your VIP status. There are 10 different VIP levels and you can rise in this ranking by buying and selling coins. The volume is calculated over the last 30 days.

Up to 1.25% trading fee discount with Bitladon

Up to 1.25% trading fee discount with Bitladon

Invest in 200 different cryptocurrency with Bitladon and get a trading fee discount up to 1.25%
Activate Bonus
Limited Offer

Is Bitladon safe?

Bitladon is a broker with many different options that will especially be interesting for beginners in the world of cryptocurrency. There are also plenty of options for more experienced traders. These include exchanging coins for other coins and placing advanced orders. We do hover think that more experienced traders will go to an exchange, since the trading fees are significantly lower there.

Bitladon offers good support in English and is happy to help customers. Because of the user-friendly interface, everything on the platform is easy to understand, so it might be possible that you don’t even need support.

Bitladon is part of Coin Meester BV and has no hidden costs. Everything you see on the website is what can you buy and sell. Bitladon is a safe company and, in the years they have been active, they have certainly proven to be one of the most reliable brokers in Europe. They are active at trade fairs and congresses, do a lot of advertising and post videos of the team.

Coin Meester B.V. / Bitladon is officially registered with the Nederlandsche Bank.

Of course, we also used the platform ourselves. Our Bitladon experiences are very positive when it comes to buying, selling and paying out.

What are the Bitladon trading fees?

Bitladon charges a variable fee and the fee depend on your 30-day trading volume. In general, a standard 1.00% trading fee is charged, but you can get a discount up to 0.90%.

Which payment methods are supported?

You can pay with iDEAL (free), Bancontact (1.1%), SEPA (free), Giropay (2%), SOFORT (2%) and EPS (2%).

Is Bitladon safe?

Bitladon is a Dutch based organisation and is registered with the Dutch Central bank. The platform delivers 100% of the ordered crypto coins. Nevertheless, crypto is a risky investment and the platform could theoretically be hacked. Never leave your funds with a broker or exchange.

How many coins can you trade with Bitladon?

Bitladon has one of the largest offers in Europe. They currently offer more than 200 different cryptos. There are no stock problems here, because they are directly dealing with exchanges.

How can I request a payout in euro?

You can easily request a payout in euro by bank transfer using the platform. The amount will be credited to your bank account within 1 business day.