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Compare Tezos and always buy the cheapest XTZ!

Compare Tezos PricesCrypto prices, as everyone knows by now, are very volatile and therefore experience strong price fluctuations on a daily base. This is also true for the cryptocurrency Tezos (XTZ). That is why the current Tezos price is hardly ever the same and fluctuates every day.

Although the coin can be volatile, you still want to buy Tezos for the lowest price and then sell it again for the highest price. This is why you can compare Tezos at

The brokers we show you change their own buy and sell prices throughout the day, and these can differ (which also changes the ranking of the broker). Brokers calculate their Tezos price based on their costs, so the price is always a bit higher than the current market price.

Furthermore, they charge trading fees for the services they provide to their customers, just as a bank does. However, the advantage for you is that this broker takes the entire distribution for Tezos out of your hands and makes the process really easy

Also, you can pay them with easily accepted payment methods such as credit card and bank transfer and only a minimum of technical knowledge of the product is required. Finally, they all offer support in multiple languages.

For all these reasons it is smart to compare the prices of brokers when you want to buy Tezos.

Easily compare Tezos prices

On our website, you can see in real-time where you can buy Tezos the cheapest, and where you can sell Tezos to get the most profit. So the table allows you to compare XTZ easily and can save you a lot of money if you choose the cheapest broker.

The timer indicates when we will update the current prices of all the different brokers. After this happens, the prices of the brokers will be sorted by price again. If you can’t wait on the timer, you can also press F5.

Marked in green at the top you will see the cheapest price for Tezos. The brokers send these prices directly to our database. In the Sell Tezos table you can see the same information, but with the best price to sell your coins.

It is useful to bookmark our page in your favorites if you trade more often in crypto, so you can always compare the best prices of coins like Tezos.

We only compare Tezos prices of trusted brokers

The providers we include in our overview are all companies with a long history in the crypto world (as far as that’s possible in this new market). They often have satisfied customers and guarantee a professional service.

Furthermore, they try to distinguish themselves from each other by charging low costs, so that you as a customer pay less trading fees. Most of them also offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies. We cannot deny that there are differences between the brokers, but the service, selling and buying crypto coins, remains the same.

So, as we always recommend, do your research into the current status of the broker. Thanks to our site you have a direct link to the broker behind every price so that you can easily buy Tezos with one click at the moment that seems best for you.

Some brokers expect you to register first, while others let you continue without an account.

Why compare Tezos and score the cheapest XTZ?

Investors in crypto coins usually limit themselves to one broker or one exchange as they are convinced that the market is very small. The exchange or broker they use is often the only one they know, so they do not think it can have benefits to switch. When you look at our tables you will see that Tezos comparison has many advantages.

You can quickly save a few euros if you buy Tezos from the cheapest broker. The cheaper you buy, the faster you can make a profit when the exchange rate rises.

Furthermore, you probably see brokers that you are discovering for the first time. Account creating with all brokers is free of charge and completely without obligation, so you don’t lose anything. If you just keep your registration details up to date, you can log in quickly if you see a good price via this site.

Why do Tezos prices differ per broker?

Tezos’ prices differ from one provider to another because each broker maintains a different method of buying or selling Tezos. The process is automated and depends on the costs and margins. Usually, their price is influenced by the following factors:

  • What is the current price of Tezos?
  • What is the broker fee? Most of the time the fees are variable and can vary at any time of the day. On average the fee is between 0.25% and 3%. This percentage is most of the total costs.
  • When do they have to update a new price?
  • How much are any additional costs (transaction fees, verification fees or blockchain fees)?

In other words, the price you see includes a fee for every buy order. If you sell, that fee is then deducted from the price, so it’s lower. Suppose that the Tezos price rises or falls quickly, it is possible that the broker has not yet updated his prices.

You also have to take into account the transaction costs or blockchain costs with some brokers, which are included in the price tables.

As you can see from the tables that comparing Tezos can be wise!

Can I compare Tezos and other crypto prices independently on your website?

We work according an algorithm with which we create a table showing the different prices. We intend to create a website that shows the best price of the (well-known) Tezos providers. These send us the prices and these are sorted automatically and independently by our system. So if a broker asks us to place it higher we can’t do this. We also do not offer the possibility to advertise.

Are all Tezos prices displayed correctly?

The brokers send us the prices via their API. They make those prices available to us, and we sort and display them. So there is no influence from us on the API of the provider or the prices in our buying and selling table. As explained, it is a fully automated system and we are not responsible or liable for the prices shown in the table. We assume that all brokers and exchanges transmit fair prices. In cases of fraud we can alter the prices to add the fees.

What are the payment methods used to buy Tezos?

Each broker support different payment methods. You can expect the following payment methods: credit card, IBAN Bank Transfer, SOFORT, iDEAL, GiroPay, Bancontact, MyBank, Carte Bancaire and EPS. Please check the website of the broker to see which payment methods they offer.

Are all available Tezos brokers shown on this page?

Given the size of the table, we have to draw a line somewhere, of course. There are, of course, some brokers who offer Tezos that we do not show. Our main concern is to show reliable brokers who offer easy payment methods. Brokers who do not support these payment methods are less interesting for our visitors so we limit ourselves to these.

Furthermore, carries out a quality check before we allow a broker to put his name on our website. We check several points and then discuss: is this broker reliable or not?

In other words, we might not show a broker even though another website does. Suppose we receive several complaints from the crypto community about a broker or one that charges very high costs, then we will exclude them from our site. If you do not agree with our choice and think that a certain broker deserves a place on our page, please feel free to contact us.

Is it 100% safe to invest in Tezos?

No! Investing in Tezos and any other crypto is highly risky. The extreme volatility ensures that you can make money very quickly, but can also lose it. Certainly don’t do this with the money you need to pay your monthly costs.

Is it smart to get a loan and invest in Tezos?

No! Absolutely not. Of course, borrowing money costs money and, secondly, you certainly should not borrow money to invest in Tezos or any other cryptocurrency. Once again, the price can drop very quickly. Pay attention to this.

What is Tezos?

Tezos is a kind of a mix between Ethereum and Bitcoin. Like other cryptocurrencies, Tezos realized that there were disadvantages to the methods used by Bitcoin and Ethereum and wanted to eliminate them. That’s why it combines the best elements of the two best-known cryptos. However, it simply uses a blockchain to perform all transactions safely and quickly.