Compare Cryptocurrency Interest Rates in 2023

Did you know that you can earn interest with your cryptocurrency and stablecoins? On this page you will find a crypto interest comparer that compares all crypto interest rates from crypto banking providers.

The percentage in green is currently the best interest available. Keep in mind that the percentages can change periodically. The interest rates on this page are kept as up to date as possible.

€10 Free and €10k Free Trading
50 USD staking bonus
Up to 16% interest
10 EUR free BTC and ETH
Bitcoin 0.51%0.25%6%0.23%
Cardano 5%1%6%4.50%
Tether 5.10%3%10%-
Ethereum 1.01%3.50%6%0.20%
XRP -1%6%0.24%

On this page you will find crypto interest rates of the most reliable crypto banking and you can easily compare and calculate crypto interest rates. By receiving interest on your cryptocurrency you can generate passive income and increase your crypto holding. Some platform have payouts in crypto and others have its own token.

We only show well-known and high reputed crypto providers in the market that do not offer incredibly high interest rates. For example, if a provider offers 1% per day, then that is a red flag and almost 100% scam. Only providers with a high reputation and a transparent team are listed.

Our overviews only include flexible contracts. This means that you can always withdraw your crypto and do not have to lock it for a specific period.

How do these companies pay interest on my crypto?

This differs per company. Most companies, such as Nexo, have developed their own lending and borrowing platform. You can compare this with a credit marketplace. They bring crypto borrowers and lenders together. They charge people who borrow crypto an interest rate. And crypto lenders receive a portion of that percentage. The difference between these two percentages is the profit for the company.

You can imagine that the number of borrowers and lenders changes every month, which is why the percentages change regularly. When this changes, the crypto interest rate comparison tables will of course be updated.

Other companies, such as Bitvavo and Bitladon, which are mainly focussed on crypto trading, offer this as an extra service. They do not have a credit marketplace, but they lend the crypto to such a marketplace. On these platforms it is also referred to as crypto staking. You can imagine that they can lend a lot more, because they represent a large group of investors. As a result, they can sometimes even offer better percentages than the other parties.

Risks of lending your crypto

Of course, nothing is risk-free in the world of crypto. There are also risks associated with lending your crypto. After all, you hand over your coins to another company, which will then lend them out again.

Consider the following risks:

  • The company you work with can go bankrupt.
  • Someone can hack your account and steal your coins. Always ensure good security.
  • The crypto may decline in value.
  • Interest rates can be adjusted.
  • You give ownership of the coins to another company.
  • Although it is a flexible contract, it can sometimes take a little longer to get your crypto back (sometimes up to a week!).

It is therefore not smart to lend your total crypto holding to a company. Although they often have certificates, licenses and insurance, there is always a chance that they will go out of business.

If you still want to lend out large amounts to generate passive income, it is better to spread your coins across multiple platforms. This is how you spread the risk.

Crypto Interest FAQ

How much interest do I receive with my crypto?

That strongly depends on which crypto or stablecoin you are lending. In the overview we show the current interest rates of several cryptocurrencies. That way you can easily compare crypto interest rates and discover lending companies.

Is it safe to lend your crypto?

Although many companies have built up a good reputation and some even have government licenses, a company can always go bankrupt or be hacked. Never lend out more crypto than you can afford to lose.

Do I also receive bonuses?

Yes, we can offer interesting promotions for almost all companies.

What is crypto interest?

Crypto interest is a form of passive income where you earn interest on your cryptocurrency or stablecoins. This is facilitated by crypto interest providers that offer a platform where borrowers and lenders come together.

How does earning crypto interest work?

Crypto interest providers, like Nexo, have developed a lending and borrowing platform. They connect crypto borrowers and lenders. Borrowers pay interest to borrow crypto, and lenders receive a portion of that interest. The difference between these two percentages is the profit for the company.

How much interest do I receive on my crypto?

Interest rates vary and depend on which crypto or stablecoin you lend out. The rates can change periodically, so it's important to compare current interest rates.

What are the risks of receiving crypto interest?

Risks include the company's bankruptcy, hacking of your account, depreciation of the lent coin, reduction in interest rates, and transferring the ownership of the coins to another company.

How can I minimize risks?

To minimize risks, you can spread your crypto across multiple platforms for risk diversification and ensure good security for your account.