Compare Ethereum Interest Rates in 2023

Do you want to generate passive Ether income by receiving interest on your Ethereum? You can easily compare all Ethereum lending providers based on interest rates via our calculator. You can also easily see what your estimated profits will be in ETH, euro and in dollars.

Provider Flex. Interest (APY) Interest in ETH* In EUR en USD*
6.00% 0.06 ETH € 167.29 ($204.46) Visit
Up to 16% interest
3.50% 0.04 ETH € 97.58 ($119.27) Review Visit
50 USD staking bonus
1.01% 0.010100000 ETH € 28.16 ($34.42) Review Visit
€10 Free and €10k Free Trading
0.20% 0.002000000 ETH € 5.58 ($6.82) Review Visit
10 EUR free BTC and ETH

Compare Ethereum interest rates to generate a passive income with your Ether. The percentages you see are yearly rates and the payout is often in ETH. That way you can let your Ether do the work. Keep in mind that interest rates can change (and this often happens).

*The interest in ETH, euro and US dollars is of course only an estimation. We use an average of the current Ethereum price. This means that differences can occur. Use the comparison tool only as an indication and no rights can be derived from the results.

How can I calculate the Ethereum interest?

The interest calculator makes it very easy to calculate your ETH interest for your specified period. By default you see the interest rates on an annual basis (this is what you will receive in ETH per year). Behind each provider you see the current interest that they offer and sometimes a bonus interest.

  • Enter how much Ether you want to lend.
  • At Period you can indicate how long you want to do this.
  • Click on the button to calculate the expected profits.

The overview automatically calculates the estimated ETH interest for your entered amount. This estimate is made based on the current interest rates and the Ethereum price (which is updated every hour). Both the rate and the percentage are not fixed, so keep this in mind.

How do these companies pay interest for my Ethereum?

It is good to know what exactly is happening with your Ether. When you use a crypto banking platform, you transfer your Ethereum to a wallet of the provider. They then lend your Ethereum and charge an interest for it. This is basically the same as how you can receive interest at a bank (only with crypto you receive better percentages).

Some platforms have their own crypto banking system, other platforms use a third party. So essentially you give your crypto to a company that lends your Ether out, for which you receive a portion of the profit.

In our overview we only show flexible contracts. This means that you can always withdraw your Ether and you do not have to lock it for a specific period. With a flexible contract you generally get a lower percentage than with a fixed contract.

In addition, we only allow companies with a high reputation in the market. ETH interest rates are annual and realistic. We will never include companies that can pay an interest of 1% per day, for example, as this is often a scam and not sustainable.

What are the risks associated with Ethereum lending?

Lending your Ethereum is not risk-free, you simply give your assets away to an unknown party. In addition, you often don’t have the same insurance as you have with your bank. So this is something you should keep in mind. As always, never invest more crypto than you are willing to lose.

Take the following risks into account:

  • The chosen lending provider can go bankrupt or can be hacked.
  • The price and interest can decrease in value.

In addition, someone borrows your Ether, and although collateral is given, something can go wrong here too. The value of the collateral may drop suddenly or the borrower may be unable to repay the money. Of course, security features are built in for this (the collateral is sold immediately), but it is still something to take into account.

If you still want to lend a significant amount of Ethereum, you can consider spreading this across multiple companies. If one company is doing badly, there is still a part with the other company. Of course it is also wise to do some research yourself into the service provider you choose.

You can read our reviews for your research, but also take a look on social media to see what the current sentiment is. For example, if there are problems with withdrawing funds, it is not wise to do business with such a company.

Ethereum Interest FAQ

How much interest do I receive with my Ethereum?

On this page you can compare Ether interest rates of all reliable providers. In addition, you can also calculate your monthly or annual estimated profits based on the current interest rate and the Ethereum price.

Is it safe to lend your Ethereum?

In our Ethereum interest rate comparison tables, we only include companies that have a good reputation. However, it is not risk-free and a company can always go bankrupt or be hacked, for example. Never lend out more ETH than you can spare.

Do I also receive a bonus?

Some companies have an interesting deposit bonus for new customers. If the bonus is interesting enough, we will show this in the overview.