Earn alternative interest platforms

The interest rates on the Earn platform seem to be getting deducted every month, or so. There are a lot of complaints of users and people are looking for a Earn alternative to receive an interest rate that will make them money.

The current interest rates of Earn are so bad, that you are forced to look for a different platform. The recent changes of on the interest rates, loans and debit cards made people look for an alternative.

Luckily there are many alternatives for Earn with better interest rates. Earn alternatives in 2024

Here’s an overview of the best Earn alternatives with better interest rates. Please note that also these rates can change:

  • Nexo: Up to 18% APY (flexible)
  • Binance: Over 100% APY (flexible and locked)
  • Bitvavo: Up to 7.5% APY (flexible)

Using these platforms comes with a risk. Never invest all your money into 1 platform and try to diversity between multiple platforms.

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